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Thailand National Trade Repository

Welcome to the Thailand National Trade Repository or Thailand NTR.This website is an information gateway on Thailandís international trade regulations where you can find information about general import tariffs, preferential tariffs, rules of origin, non-tariff measures, national trade and customs laws and regulations, and lists of authorized traders.

Under AEC Blueprint, all member countries have agreed to harmonize and standardize trade and customs, processes, procedures and related information flows to reduce transaction costs in ASEAN which will enhance export competitiveness and facilitate the integration of ASEAN into a single market for goods, services and investments and a single production base. Therefore, member countries have contributed to establish ASEAN Trade Repositoryby 2015 which would serve as a gateway of regulatory information at the regional and national levels.

For Thailand, the Thai Cabinet agreed that the Department of Trade Negotiations, Ministry of Commerce is the responsible office for National Trade Repository and ASEAN Trade Repository (NTR/ATR). Other concerned governmental agencies are to provide the Department of Trade Negotiations with information related to trade measures and regulations, which will be compiled in Thailand National Trade Repository.

Thailand National Trade Repository consists of 3 main features.

  1. National Trade Repository
    • Tariff Nomenclature
    • Harmonized Tariff Schedule
    • Rules of Origin
    • Non-Tariff Measures
    • National Trade and Customs Laws and Rules
    • Procedures and Documentary Requirement
    • Administrative Rulings/ Court Rulings
    • Best Practices in Trade Facilitation
    • List of Authorized Traders
  2. Organization
    • Related information, legislation and trade-related regulations of the regulatory authorities
  3. Trade Regulatory Info
    • Shortcut to find all trade related informationby entering either a keyword or the HS code

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