Non-Tariff Measures Non-Tariff Measures

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Chapter Description
A Sanitary and phytosanitary measures 1
A1 Prohibitions/restrictions of imports for sps reasons 5
A11 Temporary geographic prohibitions for sps reasons 29
A12 Geographical restrictions on eligibility 25
A13 Systems approach 6
A14 Special authorization requirement for sps reasons 139
A15 Registration requirements for importers 12
A19 Prohibitions/restrictions of imports for sps reasons n.e.s. 44
A2 Tolerance limits for residues and restricted use of substances 3
A22 Restricted use of certain substances in foods and feeds and their contact materials 1
A3 Labelling, marking and packaging requirements 4
A31 Labelling requirements 25
A32 Marking requirements 1
A33 Packaging requirements 33
A4 Hygienic requirements 6
A41 Microbiological criteria of the final product 1
A42 Hygienic practices during production 2
A49 Hygienic requirements n.e.s. 18
A51 Cold/heat treatment 14
A53 Fumigation 13